About us

Sandy JunglePepper SparklesGigi Praline

Thee Dizzy Daisies is a burlesque trio that was born when the members, Sandy Jungle, Gigi Praline and Pepper Sparkles, realised they all shared the same ideas about burlesque and had the desire to create bigger and more extravagant, ravishing numbers. The Daisies offer a fresh and entertaining combination of classic and neo-burlesque, full of twists and humor but always mysterious and seductive!

Available for public and private burlesque performances, go-go dancing and burlesque/pinup/vintage modeling. Don't miss your chance to see them live!

  1. Having a whirling sensation and a tendency to fall.
  2. Informal: Scatterbrained. Silly but attractive (of a woman).
  3. "Dizzy with a dame." Very much in love with a woman, sometimes at great risk to themselves, especially if she's someone else's moll (1930's).
  1. An attractive woman. A way of saying that a female is attractive without them realising it. Often said in a high-pitched feminine voice, just for banter. Can also be used as a way of starting a conversation with an attractive woman "Hello, daisy."
  2. In the late 19th century "daisy" was a common slang term for a proficient person, "the best in it's class."

  • Sandy Jungle
  • This wild cat comes straight from the Helsinki asphalt jungle. Loves classical burlesque and dancing with the feather fans, always with a wink in her eye. Come and meet the devil in Miss Jungle...if you dare!!!
  • Gigi Praline
  • Sticky & sweet! A burlesque performer and pin-up model, who with her red hair and curvy figure can shimmy and shake the house down! She does both classical and neo burlesque, but always with a twinkle in her eye. From sinful to surprising, she will titillate and tease audiences and have them asking for more...
  • Pepper Sparkles
  • Pepper Sparkles is a burlesque performer and pinup/alternative model located in Helsinki, Finland. With a curvy figure, neverending legs and a charming personality, she will enchant any audience. Her numbers, ranging from neo burlesque to classical burlesque, are varied, fresh and creative, and will spice up any kind of party! She brings you all the exotica and vintage elegance of Golden Era Hollywood. The 20's in a shaker!